07 Dec
  • By Cameron Howell
  • / SEO

There are some companies who would rather hire a person or a group of people rather than a full-blown agency to handle their SEO tasks. The reason is actually quite simple and it has to do with some agencies using gimmicks and other dubious things.
If you own an SEO firm, how can you re-establish and gain trust with your clients? Here are some tips:

Clean Techniques with No Gimmicks

About a couple of years ago, when you talk about SEO, it is all about using black hat tactics to somehow “one-up” the system. In other words, you gain an unfair advantage by exploiting some of the usual mechanics of how SEO was implemented.
Popular black hat SEO tactics include overusing keywords to the point that it doesn’t feel natural anymore, link scheming, and doing deals with other shady websites and redirecting users there to gain additional revenue.
The thing is, Google and other search engines have refined their algorithm to not only make black hat SEO techniques not work anymore; they also penalize people who do use it to gain an advantage.
This is actually great for an SEO agency to regain the trust that was lost due to agencies who have done similar tasks using black hat methods.
This also means that whatever you do from this point onward is just pure and clean white SEO techniques which means that your clients’ sites will improve the right way.

Convey to Your Clients That It Takes Time

3 Tips to Improve Client-Agency Relationships with SEO

Part of the reason why SEO agencies usually use black hat SEO methods is the fact that the effects are almost immediate. You will notice your page rankings increase in just a few days or weeks with the use of shady and dubious methods.
However, since they do not work anymore and you are only left with the use of white hat SEO tactics, it will take a lot more time for the changes to take effect. So basically, you can liken this with planting a seed and allowing it to grow. You know, it will take time for the seed to do so.
Since conventional black hat methods do not work anymore and using clean techniques would mean that it will require more time to see the effects, you have to convey this message to your clients in a manner that they can best understand.
Do this so that they can set realistic expectations. Using SEO nowadays does take time, but once the ball is rolling, the effects are long-lasting.

Transparency is Crucial

From time to time, you will need to come up with reports so that you can relay them to your clients and to your agency as well.
The crucial thing that you need to remember is transparency. This is to help build trust not only to your clients but also to your employees as well.
Now, some agency owners are reluctant to do this because there might be some mistakes that they have done that contributed to the low performance and we all know that sometimes it is hard to admit you are wrong.
However, if you become unflinchingly transparent despite your flaws, you can definitely regain the trust of your clients once again.