20 Aug
  • By Cameron Howell
  • / Baby

1.You cannot drink or eat during labor, in case you need a c-section.

The truth: At this day and age, c-sections are performed through a spinal or epidural anaesthetic. Keep in mind that labor is considered as physical work. This is the reason why need to keep yourself hydrated. Consume carbohydrates like bananas, cereals and pasta to keep your energy level up and running. Feel free to pack snacks.

2.The most painful aspect of labor is when the head of your baby comes out.

The Truth: While this may appear like the most painful aspect of childbirth, it is, In fact, the least painful one. This is because the perineum is stretched, and is very much numb. Also, since you are already at the end of the entire birth adventure, excitement and relief can dull all the pain.

3.The bigger the baby, the more difficult the birth.

The truth: Before thinking of buying cute baby clothes in Malaysia for your little one, you need to give birth, and recover first. You need to focus on yourself, and prepare your body for labor stress. If your baby is large, it’s true that your labor can be more difficult. However, a small baby doesn’t always equate to an easier delivery.

4.It is better to have an episiotomy in order to prevent a tear.

The truth: It all depends on what you think is best. Technically, an episiotomy always end up in a 2 to 3 cm cut, though only around 30% of moms having their first kid will tear beyond a single degree. The skills of your doctor or midwife would have an impact on whether or not you will tear. They are the ones guiding mothers when to push, and when to hold and pant, reducing the likelihood of tears.

5.You must have an enema, or take a laxative before labor, in order to avoid moving your bowels.

The truth: An enema is only recommended if you are constipated, or being induced. many women will have a bowel movement, in a natural way, in early labor anyway.