12 Dec

Some people who have all of the money in the world would usually want to get the
services of interior design firms if they want to get their house remodeled or renovated.
However, not a lot of people have the same luxury.

The good news for such people is that interior design need not be too expensive. In
fact, there are some aspects of it which you can do by yourself.

So today, I am going to share some simple interior design tips that will help spice up
your living room.

Use Neutral-colored Fabrics on Your Biggest Furniture

Your couch, table, and other big furniture should be covered in neutral fabrics. These
are cloths that do not have punchy or bold colors and only serve to accentuate the
pillows or other things that you are going to put on them.

Neutral colors such as black, gray, beige, and white are good colors to start with, but
you can also experiment with others as you wish. Just make sure that no matter what
color you end up with, that they are subtle enough for your senses.

When Choosing an Area Rug

Some people would opt for wall-to-wall carpeting as a carpet can help keep things
warm, especially during the cold winter months.

If carpeting is not an option, you can consider buying an area rug but before you do
that, you must take into consideration the size and proportion of your entire room.

Take a look at your floor plan so that you will have an idea of how big your area rug
should be.

A general rule of thumb would be that your area rug needs to be of considerable size
and length so that you can, at least, put the front legs of your furniture on it.

Put Accessories to Express Your Personality

The accessories that you can put anywhere in your house should be ones that can help
you express your personality.

Think about adding some paintings, artworks, some greenery, and even other things
that you consider to be a part of your existence.

Accessories serve a function of creative expression, so do not be afraid to put things up
if those things speak true to you.

Match the Paint with the Color of Your Fabrics

A lot of people actually have trouble deciding which color paint they should choose for
their house. Well, they shouldn’t really look far and wide because you should match the
color of your fabrics to your wall paint color.

You can think about contrasting colors but you can also think about a monochromatic
color scheme if that is what you want.

Utilize Different Layers of Lighting

Aside from using a main ceiling light bulb as your main source of light, experiment with
other light sources to help influence and set up the mood.

For instance, you can use desk lamps instead of using your main light when you are
reading or perhaps adding some dim lights to your wall sconces is what you prefer.
Experiment with different layers of lighting to achieve maximum effect.