13 Jun

A lot of active men, especially professional athletes, always ask the question of whether consistent physical exercise can have a negative effect on their virility. Well, the answer is actually the opposite as physical exercise can improve one’s ability to conceive.

You see, when you move your bodies such as in training or intense physical exercise, your body’s overall circulation improves. This improved circulation can lead to better performance in bed since it improves man’s ability to maintain an erection, as well as getting horny.

But, keep in mind that although most of the benefits of physical exercise can improve your sex drive, there are also some behaviors that can hamper it as well.

Bodybuilding and Sexual Performance

To be clear, bodybuilding in and of itself is not at all bad. In fact, it is one of the best ways to develop lean muscle mass and it can also invariably improve your sexual performance as well since you’re going to have a better overall physique.

The problem lies when professional bodybuilders and powerlifters use androgenic substances known as Steroids to help them achieve a more full-blown physique.

The use of such drugs can affect the hormonal balance in one’s body which may lead to problems in potency, among many others.

You also need to know something about testosterone. This hormone is predominant in men and it helps improve physical performance. Now naturally, we produce this hormone quite well when we are young, but it tends to drop down per year once we reach the age of 30.

Some athletes would resort to drinking these so-called testosterone boosters in an attempt to maintain a good level of the said hormone. What are its benefits? Well, aside from helping you achieve almost superhuman levels of strength and endurance, this particular hormone can also make you a beast in bed (which may excite the ladies).

But, the problem arises when you stop taking testosterone boosters. You see, when you take such supplements, your body will make sure that you have a healthy balance of this hormone and if it sees that there is already an abundance of it in your system, your body naturally stops producing the hormone.

So, when you’ve taken testosterone boosters for a while and you’ve decided to stop, your body would still not produce testosterone yet and it would require any man a couple of months or even years to recuperate.

Athletes as a whole are also affected by sexual impotence. You see, because of the highly stressful nature of any sport, they tend to become more stressed than others. And, psychological distress is another common factor that leads to erectile dysfunction or known as delaying ejaculation and problems associated with the male genital.

Can Viagra Help?

The active ingredient in Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) can certainly help athletes combat Viagra. But, it should only be used after consulting your physician as you may be taking certain medications or supplements that may contradict the effects of Viagra.

Viagra works by relaxing the blood vessels, thereby improving blood flow on the area in question- allowing for more oxygen and blood to enter the area.

The use of this is barred from many sports associations because it has been known to improve physical performance as well.