13 Nov

Are you aware that around 70% of shoppers abandon their carts before proceeding to the checkout page? Read on to know why shoppers do this as well as the things you can do to prevent this from happening again.

1. Make the mobile experience better.

Majority of website traffics these days come from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. So invest in a simple ecommerce website that is responsive so your users will get the best browsing experience regardless of the type of device they are using. Also avoid pop-ups because they are a big distraction to your buyers.

2. Optimize your product pages.

A typical online shopper would search for a specific product than a store. So let’s say your buyer typed “indestructible dog toy,” he will likely choose from the websites that popped up first. So when creating web copies and product descriptions, use keywords wisely.

3. Let your shoppers return an item for free.

A buyer will have second thoughts when a certain store does not allow free shipping. What if the item was defective the moment they received it? There are instances when buyers have to return an item. It’s already time-consuming for them and it’s already a negative experience so at least make the returns policy clear and simple.

4. Offer a reliable customer service.

There are times when the buyers want to know a bit more about the item before making the final decision. You should be easy to reach not just via email but through chat. Social media pages make it possible to send instant messages. You may use this to offer customer service. Having them wait for too long for your reply will eventually turn them off. People want real-time answers to their concerns.

5. Make coupon codes easy to use.

It’s a great idea to include coupon codes but they are sometimes the reason why buyers just leave their carts. It’s so old school to hop onto an aggregator site for the coupon codes. Automize them so your customers will not end up frustrated. It will help if your buyer already sees when the certain code was already applied.

6. Include a guest checkout option.

There are users who abandon their carts due to websites that require an account creation. Have the option to sign up as well as shop without having to. Consider the fact that some users just don’t have the time for it and some are just skeptical in sharing information about them.

7. Give a simple reminder by sending a short email notification.

Some buyers just need a bit of reminder to pursue their purchase. Don’t be afraid to send a reminder because it works most of the time.

8. Use metrics to see how you’re doing.

You will need to track if your strategies are effective in decreasing your cart abandonment rate. Make use of those metrics to see what else needs improvement on your ecommerce site. Analyze those metrics and use them to your advantage.