03 Jul

Lately, frozen yogurt has surprisingly become so popular. Not that popular more than ice cream but with the variety of flavour and the nutritious contained in the frozen yogurt would be the reason why it becomes well known day by day. A big thanks to this precious desserts creator for his genius idea to freeze yogurt and it evolved to be tasty and healthy dessert. Here are some lists for the most popular frozen yogurt flavours that have been consumers’ choice.

Vanilla flavour

It might be cliche and boring, but we all know that this flavour could go with almost anything. Until at one point it was served with coke to make a float. It might be a common frozen yogurt flavour it is always being used in the common desert. The combination of vanilla flavour frozen yogurt with berries, oat, and chocolate swirls are too great. You should try it.

Chocolate flavour

As we all might know when we speak about chocolate, surely it is one of the most loved flavours in the world. Who doesn’t like chocolate? Nevertheless, it comes in frozen yogurt forms. Chocolate is a great flavour to be mixed with others. The taste would be great especially when you add some sprinkles and whipped cream on top of it.

Banana flavour

Bananas are known as the candy of all fruits, that’s why baby monkeys can’t resist the temptation of it. It actually has always been a good idea since they invented banana split as dessert. But how about an entirely banana flavoured cold desserts? It might be weird but yes it actually works. Many people have not tried banana flavoured frozen yogurt since they think the tastes would be weird. Give it a try and mix it with chocolate flavour. Both of them taste sweet but in different ways. Chocolate gives a kick yet soothing sweetness and bananas give a smooth sweet sensation to your tongue.

Here are three most popular frogurt flavours, all of them are tasty but it depends on you which one would be your favourite. I can’t decide it for you, go ahead and taste it and you can tell which one would be on the top.