19 Mar
  • By Cameron Howell
  • / Blog

Did you know that the concept of e-commerce was actually introduced way back in 1991? It was only until 2014 where the industry has truly flourished into what we know of it today.

So many different things have contributed to the evergreen nature of the e-commerce industry, such as the existence of mobile phones and people having access to faster internet connections now more than ever before. The industry’s rapid growth can be seen in the foreseeable future.

That being said, one of the things that have made the e-commerce industry stay afloat through so many years is the fact that it is subject to change every year via trends.

So, in today’s article, I will go over some of the emerging e-commerce trends that you should know about in 2020.

Why Online Businessmen Should Study Amazon

There is, without a doubt, that Amazon is the largest online retailer that exists today. It has become a major e-commerce platform that is home to a lot of different products that cater to a wide variety of niches.

Would-be online entrepreneurs can really learn a lot of things by studying the said platform. For one, Amazon offers free shipping which, in and of itself, can help convince people to push through with their purchase (cart abandonment is very real and that is something that you do not want to happen to you).

Another great thing that you can implement that Amazon uses is it provides a no-frills customer service warranty. If your customers are able to provide some proof that the products they’ve received from you are damaged or not working as intended, send them a replacement without any questions asked.

Mobile Devices Will Become the Main Thing People Use When Buying

Smartphones, according to Statista, are going to be the main device of choice for people that want to buy stuff online. That being said, online businessmen should think about making an app for their businesses to help streamline everything. Also, it would be nice to create a website that uses responsive design to ensure that your website will load optimally on any mobile device.

More Interactive Product Pages

In a study that was published by SocialMediaToday, text product descriptions are okay but they are going to be obsolete soon. That is because more and more people want to get as much more ‘tangible’ information about the products they are looking at and that is why video product descriptions are going to be the ‘King’ going forward.

You see, since people do not have access to the product itself, they are unable to know how the product feels or how it looks like in real life. Presenting them with videos showcasing the product in all its glory would allow them to see what they are actually (going) to buy. By doing this, you can effectively increase your sales manifold.


The e-commerce industry has never been more alive and well. New online entrepreneurs should study what Amazon is doing and try to implement some of them in their own businesses.